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Welcome to my journal.

6/23/13 08:53 pm


7/21/12 11:41 am

Intense heat = all the giant spiders move indoors. I am the spider killer of the family. Last night, a giant spider ran across the living room floor. We had just tidied up, so there were no available shoes. I had to quickly run and get a shoe from the bedroom while hoping it didn't move too far. It had hidden behind our office door, so I moved the door, said "Ha!" and hit it with a shoe. I thought it had jumped, but no it was a SECOND GIANT SPIDER. It ran under some record sleeves, so I jostled them, but it ran into the corner behind our record player. I sprayed some Raid in the corner, but it ran off. I walked away, with a mouth tasting of Raid, then decided that my husband would freak out and not sleep if I suffered a spider to live. So I jostled the record sleeves again, it ran out and I smashed it. Whew.

And now I feel bad, because I looked up large spiders in Idaho, and I think they're wolf spiders, which are beneficial. :( My bad, guys.

6/25/12 09:29 pm

I am semi-seriously thinking about seeing Adam Ant in Vegas in September. That would be amazing.

Morrissey is coming to Seattle in December, but after his '09 show there, I'm not feeling it. And that apathy makes me sad. But his show was anticlimactic after the amazingness that was Depeche Mode's Tour of the Universe. Maybe he's too old now.

I dunno. Music, guys.

5/3/12 09:12 pm - Help Us Support Planned Parenthood

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8/13/11 09:08 am - Scott inspired me to update too

The cat just licked my leg. Salty! Now he is clawing me because I'm not paying attention to him.

OMG UK soon! I still need to buy a suitcase, because my old one was furry and smelled like pee >: Fucking cats.

Planning wedding stuff. Sometimes I see other people's wedding pics, and I'm sad that I'm not going all out. But then I realize how much money I'm saving, and I feel better. Besides, can you beat a wedding brunch at a place called Donnie Mac's Trailer Park Cuisine (as seen on the Food Network!)? They're only charging us $10/person, and that's breakfast, mimosa/bloody mary, and coffee. They're cutting us that deal because apparently they don't really make money on breakfast.

Still don't know where family dinner is going to be held (two separate receptions, because my grandparents hate alcohol). Considering a place called Life's Kitchen, where they train at-risk youth/adults culinary stuff, and let them work at a catering company/restaurant. Bonus, they probably can't serve alcohol, skirting the whole issue of my future in-laws being a couple of alcoholics.

Finally watched Let the Right One In. Fucking brilliant. Can't see how the American version could be better. Also I really like the name Eli for a girl, but that would be dumb because everyone would pronounce it E-lie. Also, Swedish doesn't seem like it would be hard to learn. Loads of cognates. But I don't spend enough time with the languages I'm learning now (French, German, Spanish), so that isn't the best idea.

I've been listening to LMFAO and dancing, which is an excellent fitness plan. I've been losing weight lately. Doesn't make buying pants any easier. >: I will never have skinny legs. I'm turning all the fat in my thighs to muscle. Quads, omg. So trying on pants, only to not have them go up my legs, is very frustrating. Guess I should buy trouser-style pants.

Now it's time to eat some breakfast. Cream of Wheat!

4/9/11 09:40 am

Medvedev's the reason for the lj ddos attacks?! Stupid Russian spammers!

3/26/11 03:43 pm

Diana Wynne Jones died. :( Her books were a huge part of my childhood. I read them over and over, especially Howl's Moving Castle and Castle in the Air. I read her wiki page, and I realized that there are 3 books, at least, that I need to read for the first time, as well as many that I have to re-read.

It also makes me sad that she was halfway through a book that will never be finished.

Now I feel bad that I never wrote her the fan letter that I always wanted to send her.

She will be greatly missed.

1/1/11 10:39 pm

Sup guys. New Year's Eve was pretty quiet and kinda dumb. We napped from 6-11, went to Pat's Thai Kitchen to drink and listen to music, then ended up at the Power House for 30 minutes. That place is nasty. Then we went home and watched Full Metal Jacket.

Today was very quiet. We went to Shari's for breakfast, then to Office Max for some Cat5 cable, and Petco to fill the refillable litter bucket and an emery board-hammock thing. The cats love it. I love that Reggie-cat likes to scratch even though she has no front claws.

Started watching Misfits. OMG that show is awesome! Just 3 episodes in so far. I want a chav accent. :/

I've slept a lot the past couple days. It's awful because I then have a really hard time getting up and doing anything. Doing laundry and a few dishes was SO HARD, which is really ridiculous and I get frustrated with myself.

This is a sucky entry but I'm still trying to get back in the habit of posting regularly.

12/27/10 07:36 pm

My Christmas weekend was a roller coaster. Had a super stressful Christmas Eve with Matt's parents (oh god it was awful), then had a great time with my family, then a good Boxing Day eating vegetarian tamales. I got a lot of gift cards. I'm going to use my Record Exchange gift card to buy Depeche Mode: Tour of the Universe Live in Barcelona. Oh man that tour was awesome. I also have $45 in Barnes and Noble gift cards (probably going to buy Earth: the Book and maybe the Amy Sedaris craft book. Also awesome new socks (it's not Christmas without socks), and the requisite stocking full of candy.

Bought Matti the Autobiography of Mark Twain and holy crap is it huge! It's seriously a huge tome of killing proportions. Also we bought a PlayStation Move. There's a dueling game and it's way fun to swing a sword around. I accidentally hit Matti in the nads, oops. It was his fault for filming me making funny concentrating faces. We also have Soul Caliber IV and Little Big Planet and Fallout: New Vegas. Good times.

It's time to start getting ready to grab a drink, I suppose.

Oh nope, we're going to play Sports Champions. Good times.

12/15/10 09:41 pm

I'm not dead! Gosh, it's been over 3 months!

Things are great. Busy with work, chilling with my sis and boyfriend, and hanging with friends.

Watching Farscape with Matt. Almost done with the 4th season. In return, I got him hooked on Community. After Farscape, I hope to show him some of my favorite British shows. This is an excuse to rewatch Black Books, Boosh and IT Crowd, among other things.

Almost done Christmas shopping. Just need to buy a restaurant gift certificate for my parents and a bunch of scratch tickets for stocking stuffers. Everyone but my parents is getting books. I forgot how expensive new books are, when they're not Penguin classics or whatever. Geez.
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